Has your little one visited the dentist?

Kickstart their Dental Heath with Good Tooth Habits !🪥– Here at The Practice Modern Dentistry & Facial Aesthetics, we don’t rush your appointment ….especially for those little ones who are visiting for the first time!
 Before any treatment starts the Dentist and Assistant will make sure your child knows exactly what is happening . This includes showing off our dental instruments, what they do, what they feel like and what some of our products taste like…sometimes bubblegum!
These activities are so important to us as we want to build trust with your child and help them reach Good Tooth Habits and Regular Check Ups!
For our Little Ones who are completing their First Visit, they will receive an official Bravery Award ! Time to Show Off at Show & Tell
– No Gap with Dental Insurance
Bulk Bill dental with the Child Dental Benefit Schedule (CBDS)
No Health Fund & No CBDS? No problem!
$99 Check and Clean for ages below 13
$125 Check and Clean for ages 13 and over
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