What to expect at your first dental check-up

A visit to a new dentist can be a daunting experience, especially if you have had a negative experience at a dental practice in the past. At The Practice, we want to assure you that we’re here to make your next dental experience a positive one. Our friendly team offers a warm welcome and will ensure your first dental check-up is a stress-free one. 

Here’s what you can expect from your first dental appointment at The Practice.

A warm welcome

From the moment you book your first appointment with The Practice, we’ll ensure you have a positive experience. We make every effort to make it easy to book an appointment, whether online or over the phone, with one of our friendly staff. 

On the day of your appointment you’ll be greeted with a smile, and our helpful reception staff will ask you to fill out some forms to help us understand your overall health and any pre-existing conditions you may have that could affect your dental care. 

Our comfortable and modern dental practice in West End, South Brisbane, will help you feel instantly at ease. Our state-of-the-art facility enables us to offer a full range of dental and cosmetic treatment options, ensuring a holistic dental experience for all our patients. 

Dental examination

At your first appointment you can expect a comprehensive dental examination. Once you’re comfortable in the dental chair, we’ll chat with you to find out if you have any concerns or worrying symptoms. 

Our experienced dentists will examine your teeth and gums and check for any signs of problems. They may need to x-ray your teeth or jaw to uncover any issues that aren’t visible during the physical examination. 

Oral hygiene tips

During your dental appointment, your dentist will provide tips and advice on maintaining good oral hygiene. They’ll help you with floss, brush, and care for your teeth and gums to keep them healthy. Although you may feel confident in your current dental care routine, many patients are often surprised by the additional knowledge they gain about properly caring for their teeth.

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Teeth cleaning

If you’ve booked teeth cleaning with your first dental appointment at The Practice, our dentist will clean and remove any plaque and calculus that has built up on your teeth. While teeth cleaning isn’t painful, you may feel a little discomfort. Please let us know if you are feeling any pain during the process. 

Personalised treatment plan

If your dentist identifies any issues during your examination, they will take the time to discuss the available treatment options with you. They’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each option, allowing you to make an informed decision on how to proceed. Once you have selected a treatment option, your dentist will create a personalised treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

Book your next appointment 

If you need additional treatment, our dentist will recommend follow-up appointments to ensure the ongoing health of your teeth and gums. The Practice team will work with you to schedule appointments at our South Brisbane dentist at a time that is convenient for you, so that you can receive the necessary treatment without disrupting your life. 

Our goal is to help you improve and maintain your oral health, and we’re committed to providing you with the care and support you need throughout your dental journey.

A positive experience at The Practice West End

At The Practice dental clinic, we will go above and beyond to make your first appointment a positive experience. We know many people feel anxious about their first dental check-up, so we’ve created a relaxing and welcoming environment. 

For patients feeling nervous about their first appointment, the team at The Practice can give you the care you need. We offer sedation and have a dental therapy dog to help you feel more comfortable. Check out our blog article on how to say goodbye to dental anxiety

The experienced team at The Practice West End is always available to answer any questions. They’ll do everything possible to help you feel at ease during your first dental check-up. 

Your first dental appointment is the perfect opportunity for us to get to know you and your oral health. We’ll listen to your concerns, answer any questions and give you a personalised dental treatment plan tailored to your needs. 

To book your first dental appointment at The Practice, call 07 3733 3223 or book an appointment online

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